Be Wise: Inkwenkezi School’s Dropout Prevention Initiative

Halfon Be Wise

Studies show that there are eight primary reasons South African students drop out of high school, including lack of discipline and lack of interest. Principal Mr. Lekgalake of the Inkwenkwezi School in Soweto estimates that the highest dropouts are 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

To motivate students and reward attendance, the school is introducing a new initiative called the Be Wise Project. Atlas Finance is sponsoring the print and distribution of some of the Be Wise books, which drives home the importance of an education and offers advice to combat peer pressure. Each incoming student will receive a copy of the book.

The collaboration of Atlas Finance and Inkwenkwezi School is just the latest in a long series of partnerships between the two institutions. In December of 2013, Atlas promoted sustainability with a gift of citrus trees to the school. Atlas and Inkwenkwezi both hope that Be Wise will lead to lower dropout rates in the upcoming school year.

“I believe that education is the cornerstone for the growth of any community or country. I really admire this initiative for tackling the issue of school drop-out and getting this Be wise project off the ground in Inkwenkezi” said Jack Halfon, CEO of Atlas Finance.