Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy


When it comes down to corporate philanthropy, the entity and it’s overall success is contingent upon the thriving and ever-evolving acceptance of a company’s culture. Why? The answer is simple. The corporate culture of a business is the holistic personality of the entire organization. It dictates how its members behave, communicate, and believe in a specific idea. While the impact of a company’s culture is rarely discussed, company culture clearly permeates an ingrained philosophy from one employee to another. That is why business leaders and CEOs need to leverage this influencer in scaling a more positive and active mentality for philanthropies and charities outside of their business and intrinsic goals. This mentality will, in turn, allow a boost in the morale of the employees, an improvement in the image of the company, and last but not least, the financial gain in the goals of the business.

Let’s start off by exploring the importance of corporate philanthropy between employees and workers. Many people, especially at a big firm, want to be bigger than themselves. They see themselves as movers and game changers within their perspective fields and would love to rise to the occasion of doing more, even opportunities outside of their job description. In fact many of these individuals have been hired based on their impact through various extracurricular activities during and after college. By embracing corporate philanthropy, whether it is with an actual organization or a mentorship group through the company itself, employees are able to participate in social responsibility initiatives that can help shape them both personally and professionally. This will in turn generate a more positive attitude to their jobs and boost morale within the overall office.

Outside of the office, you have to understand that no matter what the project or motivation is for your company’s philanthropic work, the community and its prospective individuals will always benefit from the program. Take for example, the standard charity option seen in various companies and private business firms where they offer grants or financial support to local organizations and communities. That funding provides the individuals within the community the supplies and financial backing needed to improve and complete various projects such as extracurricular clubs or educational programs. Some companies go even further where strong and active business leaders are able to provide their support in a more impactful way. Whatever is the case, the specific helped offered by a corporation results in a cleaner and livelier community.

Going back to the impact on the business, corporate philanthropy also aids in boosting a company’s overall image to the public. Within the past decade, many private financial businesses have obtained a negative persona of greed and self gain. To help prevent that, many companies have implemented various philanthropic programs to help market to the public a more positive community driven organization. As a company continuous to invest and involve its time and money within a philanthropy or charity, the news of a company’s work will eventually gain popularity within the public eyes. This in turn allows customers to favor these companies over their competitors as trustworthy and dependable.

While business leaders need to be more inclined in improving the world than their own image, knowing the overall benefits of corporate philanthropy can help be the true game changer in switching the mentality and corporate culture from a money driven attitude to a community driven influencer.

The Top Crowdfunding Sites and How to Use Them


One of the biggest hurdles many people find themselves in when starting a project or an idea is funding. Financial funding plays a large portion in our society. No matter where you go, money never sleeps. It is essentially how the world works. But how does this help you? What if you are not one of the lucky ones born with a silver spoon? How can you possibly establish your idea with no financial funding?

With the new millennial age of advanced technology, many organizations, startup companies, products, and classrooms have benefited from the concept of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the practice of financially fund and establishing a project or venture by raising various small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically through the Internet. Think of this like donations. If you have a great idea, many people are willing to invest and donate a small financial portion so that they can see certain your company come to fruition. Many crowdfunding industries have grown exponentially over the past few years helping many people raise billions to fund their projects. These campaigns are usually broken up to specific niches such as: unique experiences, charity, social impact, consumer packaged goods, innovative inventions, gaming, startups, and much more. Without these sites, many innovative ideas would not have made it to our homes.

So how does this work? There are two basic crowdfunding models. The first model is the one people are usually aware of which is the rewards-based crowdfunding model. Rewards-based crowdfunding is where people can pre-purchase a product, buy various rewards, or simply donate to the company. These donations do NOT allow the funders an investment or shareholder with the company. This brings us to the second model, the equity crowdfunding. You may have heard of this in various shows like Shark Tank. This is when the donors are able to become shareholders in a company. In equity crowdfunding, companies will often sell ownership stakes online to require the necessary funds to make them operational and profitable.

Below, you will find four of the best crowdfunding websites to help start you off on your journey. Remember to be clear and precise about what you are planning on using the funding for. Donors want to know what they are investing in. Furthermore, make sure your message is strong and appeal. The best way to succeed at these sites is if your message truly impacts the public.


Kickstarter helps a variety of people is a range of interest. On this crowdfunding site, you can find artist, musicians, filmmakers, designers, charities, and consumer packaged goods that are trying to establish themselves in their congested markets. To date, Kickstarter has helped tens of thousands of create projects allowing them to come to life and impact the community for the better.


Indiegogo is one of the first and largest global fundraising sites that help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits raise money online. It allows people to activate their global community with their user-friendly dashboard. The site’s market is open to anyone who has an idea and wants to raise funds to financially start them to reach their goal. It has been estimated that over nine million people from all around the world visit this site on a monthly basis. With this type of traffic and strong reputation, you are looking at an incredible untouched resource to get you started on your journey.


DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that allows individuals to directly donate to the education sector. This is specifically designed to help teachers, educators, and administration raise funding for various classroom projects. This site is one of the first civic crowdfunding platforms of its kind. It gives many people the opportunity to truly create an impact especially on the future leaders for tomorrow.


Similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Rockethub is another large online crowdfunding platform. It users usually include a variety of people from music, business, science, arts, fashion, startups, and nonprofits. Rockethub operates in a way to help raise awareness for your project and future endeavors.