Atlas Finance Opens a Second Grow Your Life Library With Chabad

Jack Halfon Chabad Orange Farm 1

In an effort to improve access to education for the poor, Chabad House established a library in Malatajlie in 2013, when proceeds from a charity auction of Jack Halfon’s photography made it possible to purchase a new library. For children with limited opportunities, education is crucial in the development of social and cultural capital, which can impact impoverished communities in profound ways. Under the banner of the Grow Your Life project, Chabad House aims to build even more libraries where children can learn to read and write.

As with the first, Atlas Finance is pleased to have helped develop Grow Your Life’s second library in Orange Farm. Crafted by modest means, the library was made by renovating a six-meter shipping container, outfitting it with shelves and filling it with books donated by Miracle Drive and the READ Educational Trust. Here, a part-time teacher and a librarian will help children learn to read, while also letting them take home books to further practice and develop their language skills. See below for more pictures of the new library.

Jack Halfon Chabad Orange Farm 2

Jack Halfon Chabad Orange Farm 3

Jack Halfon Chabad Orange Farm 4

Jack Halfon Chabad Orange Farm 5